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Have you noticed a change in vision in one eye, distortion of straight lines or a spot missing from your vision? Could you have Macular Degeneration?

When you cover one eye do you see straight lines as bent? Or are bits missing from the view? These are symptoms of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).  You should seek medical attention. If you do have macular degeneration, an ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist) will need to be involved in your care. Macular degeneration is the commonest

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Botox injections for the correction of strabismus

Botox was originally used for treating strabismus (squint / cross eye). It is still a frequently used treatment worldwide. It has been used at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London since 1982. This treatment has been used at Eye & Laser Surgeons since 2012. Dr Shanel Sharma trained to undertake Botox for strabismus whilst undertaking her Fellowships in

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