We encourage our patients to provide feedback on how our procedures and service has been. Here is a sample of the feedback we receive from our patients that we would love to share with you.

After being diagnosed with keratoconus over five years ago I had found my eye sight had deteriorated to a point where I was unable to renew my driver’s license and found it difficult to perform various tasks that were once easy.

After being referred to Dr Sharma and receiving his consultation I was confident that I could proceed with keraring surgery and crosslinking procedure as advised.

I found Dr Sharma to be very informative and clear in his post-op sessions and was always prepared to listen to my thoughts and concerns on the procedure and cost, which he addressed fairly with honesty, care and thoughtfulness at all times in a most professional manner.

The surgery was a total success and the post-surgery care and advice went without a problem resulting in minimal discomfort or pain.

Thank you to Dr Sharma and all the staff at Eye & Laser for making what could have been a difficult experience much easier for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending any other patient to move forward on this procedure with Dr Sharma.

Marc, 30

Thank you Dr Shanel. I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my botox treatment. I now have fabulous vision again. No more double vision, no more wonky eye. I could not be happier with the results.

Louise, 45

Dr Shanel is the best eye doctor in the world

Tori, 6

Dear Shanel thank you for your care and expertise on my visit to you. Your receptionist Courtney was so kind and courteous as well.

Dorothy, 81

I underwent catarct operation with Dr Shanel. The operation was successful it took 20 minutes and was painless. I didn’t even know it had been done. I am very happy with the results and the success of the operation. I am very grateful to Dr Shanel.

Clarita, 66

Dr Daya Sharma put me at ease throughout the whole process. His fantastic bedside manner coupled with unbeatable experience and knowledge makes him the only eye doctor I would attend. I have no hesitation recommending Dr Daya and the whole team at Eye & Laser Surgeons.

Gemma, 25

I made the decision quickly that I was definitely going to have laser corrective surgery, I was extremely thorough in getting information and opinions on how the surgery was going to work best for me. My case was a very complex one where multiple issue had to be taken into account for the correct to be successful.

My optometrist referred me to Dr Daya Sharma and two other similarly highly regarded ophthalmologists from much larger clinics. I consulted and had my eyes examined by all three. It turned our that I would get the best result if I only had one eye corrected. The two other ophthalmologists never mentioned this, they both told me that I should have both eyes corrected. You will understand why when you get

I’m one week post corrective surgery and I have better vision than was able to get with contact lenses. What you can expect from Daya is genuinely diligent ophthalmologists who approaches each patient case-by-case.

Mitch, 26

I have been seeing Dr Shanel Sharma for over 2 years. She was referred to me through the Head of Ophthalmology in London who treated me for squint in my right eye. From the moment I started seeing Dr Shanel Sharma I felt at ease and understood. I had seen a few other specialists here in Sydney who didn’t understand the procedure I needed or did a bad job of it. Dr Shanel Sharma not only knew what I needed but was trained by the Head of Ophthalmology in London on the procedure I needed so I immediately felt at ease. I have had a squint since birth and being able to have botulin toxin injections instead of surgery has been a great outcome for me. I also like that Dr Sharma and her husband have treated me out of hours at times and taken calls from me if I was ever worried about anything in regards to the treatments I had. It’s nice to be treated by Doctors who have that personal approach to business while delivering the best patient care too. I often recommend others I know to the Eye & Laser Surgeons to friends who might need it too.

Kate, 29